José González – Veneer (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)


販売価格¥7,490 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 2LP
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A1 Slow Moves
A2 Remain
A3 Lovestain
A4 Heartbeats
A5 Crosses
B1 Deadweight On Velveteen
B2 All You Deliver
B3 Stay In The Shade
B4 Hints
B5 Save Your Day
B6 Broken Arrows
C1 Deadweight On Velveteen (Live)
C2 Save Your Day (Live)
C3 Storm (Live)
C4 Crosses (Live)
C5 Hints (Live)
C6 Suggestions (Live)
C7 Heartbeats (Live)
D1 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)
D2 All You Deliver (Live)
D3 Stay In The Shade (Live)
D4 Remain (Live)
D5 Hand On Your Heart (Live)
D6 Cello Song (Live)


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