Jura Soundsystem – Remix Special (Quiet Village, Tapes & Goodblock Mixes)

Temples Of Jura (AUS)SKU: TEMPLE004

販売価格¥2,990 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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3mm spine Kraftboard sleeve with sticker. Quiet Village, Tapes (Jahtari / Rezzett / Good Morning Tapes etc ) and Goodblock remixes

The label say: "A remix 12” of three Jura Soundsystem classics featuring interpretations from Quiet Village, Tapes and Good Block. “Having released a few Eps and an LP it felt like a fun thing to get some remixes. I’ve ticked off a few musical bucket list items with this 12”, Quiet Village being the big one. I’m a bit of a fanboy and Joel & Matt have not disappointed with a remix that sounds simultaneously futuristic and classic. Tapes brings his unique brand of Dub House and Good Block round off the party with a 90’s influenced slice of Balearic house”. (Kevin / Jura Soundsystem).

Designed by Bradley Pinkerton.


A1. Carafe Denim - Quiet Village Remix
B1. Udaberrie Blues - Tapes Remix
B2. Linn Funn - Good Block Remix



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