Kuniyuki Takahashi / Joaquin Joe Claussell – When We are All Truly Free / I Believe

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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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A Kuniyuki Takahashi– When We are All Truly Free (The Cosmic Arts Ambient Suite) 10:15
B Joaquin Joe Claussell*– I Believe ( Demo Test Composition Dub) 11:35


An introduction to our next release that we name DOUBLE JOURNEY.

Featured When we are all Free composed by Kuniyuki Takahashi. And Residue I Believe by Joaquin Joe Claussell

Side A
Kuniyuki Takahashi - When we are all Free (The Cosmic Arts Ambient Suite)

Is a beautiful mind traveling ambient composition produced in the way that only Kuniyuki can express? This sound wave was created for the forthcoming Translate Part Two Project by Joaquin Joe Claussell.

Side B
Joaquin Joe Claussell I Believe (Demo Test Composition) is a continuation of Joe Claussell’s electronically influenced Residue Series. Featuring a careful, but radically auditory mixed composition of deep tech house that continues to tap into and express the darker side of Joe Claussell

It is times such as these that further supports our choice of remedy and why our pursuit to delve deeper into the creative process remains relentless and of profound importance. Due to the unfortunate and dangerous constant overlooking the special gift bestowed upon all of us by the higher power, it calls upon us to continue forward with our mission for productive change which has become ever more crucial to reach. What we’re referring to isn't exactly in plain sight for all to see, but obvious enough to those who care to pay attention. However, what has become undeniably apparent to us; is the powerful moving vibration that emits from sound and art and how we connect with them. It is a higher calling that cannot be neither denied nor questioned, and we can only praise the wisdom, truth and love that they bestow upon us. Thoughts like the aforementioned is how and why SORA; an extension of Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts, came into existence. Enjoy the Double Journey…

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