La She Ba – You've Been Hunchin'


販売価格¥3,240 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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オリジナル12インチには20000円前後の値が付く激レア・ディスコ・ブギーが正規復刻!天才Patrick Adamsがアレンジを手掛けたメロディアスなストリングスとセクシーな女性ヴォーカルが耳に残る傑作ブギー!


A. Vocal 10:04
B. Edit 5:00


A slice of seriously sought after US disco from La She Ba on Heavenly Star Records that has been a firm favourite of master selector Hunee and trades hands for £125+ on the secondhand market, gets a fresh reissue and remaster for a new generation of listeners.

Formed of Catherine Miller on vocals, produced and written by Harvey Miller and arranged by the mighty Patrick Adams, La She Ba – You've Been Hunchin' hits in all the right spots. Exquisite instrumentation with swooning strings, enchanting chords and tight drums laying the foundation for Miller’s celestial vocals to be the star of the show. Heavenly by name, heavenly by nature this is a must have 12 inch for any collection.

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