Millsart – Don't Ask Me Why

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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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デトロイトの鬼才Jeff Millsの別名義Millsartによるダンス・ミュージックではなく「人生の複雑さと単純化について考える」内省的なシリーズAxis Expressionist Seriesからの12インチ!宗教的~民族的でもあるパーカッシヴで幻想的なグルーヴや、より音響芸術的なサウンドがJeffのまた別の才能・側面を垣間見せくれる傑作!

A The Wise One (Khufu Mix) 7:11
B1 Wind Walkers (Extended Mix) 9:18
B2 Don't Ask Me Why (Extended Mix) 6:00



The Axis Expressionist series, curated by Millsart aka Jeff Mills, is back with a second EP that features a selection of tracks making their debut on vinyl. The music is less focused on the act of dancing and more, says the ever-verbose Mills, "about reflecting on the complexity and simplification of life." The opener 'The Wise One' (Khufu mix) is all steamy and ritualistic percussive sounds and mystic synths over a rolling tribal beat that turns you inwards. 'Wind Walkers' (extended mix) is a beautifully loose-limbed jumble of percussion, off-grid hits and snaking rhythms steeped in celestial charm and 'Don't Ask Me Why' (extended mix) rounds out with another snaking groove richly embellished with ancient cosmic magic.

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