North Satellite - The Stars Are Ours

El Triangulo (US)SKU: EL3008

販売価格¥2,890 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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The debut single from North Satellite's 2023 album "Past Life Half-Lived" on El Triángulo Records. Featuring the original LP mix by Darshan Jesrani and alternate versions by Eugene Tambourine and Conrad McDonnell of Idjut Boys fame. One of the true heads. Limited to 300 units.


A1. The Stars Are Ours (Cosmic Freestyle)

A2. Cosmic Freestyle (Instrumental)

A3. The Stars Are Ours (LP Version)

B1. The Stars Are Ours (Conrado's VOXDUB)

B2. The Stars Are Ours (Conrado's DUBDUB)



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