Oceanvs Orientalis – Portrait Of The Obscure


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Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels imprint announces ‘Portrait of the Obscure’, the stunning new album Oceanvs Orientalis.
Following three superb singles on the label across the past four months, the nine-track LP offers a comprehensive exploration of the

Safak Oz Kutle, known as Oceanvs Orientalis, is a producer and live performer based in Istanbul. His musical style intricately weaves together the
diverse sonic tapestries of Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, and Arabic music traditions, and through his creative fusion of these cultural influences, he crafts an immersive world that takes you far away from the usual club music references and transcends genre borders. His music serves as a
celebration of his musical heritage, and this has never been more true than on his superb new album ‘Portrait of the Obscure’, which again pushes traditional boundaries within the electronic sphere. Set for release on 26th April via Damian Lazarus’ renowned and celebrated Crosstown Rebels imprint, the nine-track LP project features a showcase of solo and collaborative material alongside close friends such as Tooker, Idil Mese and Tilahun Gessesse, delivering a journey into the creative mind of one of the scene’s most intriguing talents.

“‘Portrait of the Obscure’ is my third album, comprised of songs from the past four years. These selected works have developed since the pandemic began, offering different perspectives on how I view music and how my musical career has evolved over the years. Experimenting with nine different songs across nine different genres, ranging from the classic downtempo Oceanvs Orientalis sound to drum and bass, with some classic house beats and trip-hop, it's a musical journey through styles. As a producer, I believe genres are a limitation, and an artist's main goal should be to break down walls with their creations. That's the magic of music. I hope you enjoy.” - Oceanvs Orientalis.

The bold and riveting project kicks off with the captivating synthscapes, fluttering strings and plucked bass of the gorgeous ‘Pulse Antique’, before ‘Ministry Of Midnight’ cuts loose on more jumbled rhythms and intricate organic lines warmed with wordless vocals. Next up are two of the lead singles - the tense and intricate house sonics of ‘Neutrality’ and the haunting atmospheres and ethereal synth lines of ‘IL Lupo’ featuring Tooker, while ‘Conritmo’ continues to bring exotic new string sounds, leftfield melodies and warped bass to this most vibrant exploration of candle-lit house sounds. ‘Soul of Calypso’ blisses out on far-sighted cosmic chords with sonorous bells and late-night spoken word musings that add all-new character to the innovative grooves. Then comes the laid-back, jazz-infused house of ‘Heart Pieces’ feat. Idil Mese, a deep and jazzy jungle shuffler in ‘Mercury’ and the playful horns and lumpy, dub-wise swagger of ‘Lanchi Biye’.

An album project encompassing its title perfectly, ‘Portrait of the Obscure’ is just that - a magnificent snapshot of the unique musical mind of
Oceanvs Orientalis. 


A1. Pulse Antique
A2. Ministry Of Midnight
B1. Neutrality
B2. Il Lupo (feat Tooker)
C1. Contrimo
C2. Soul Of Calypso
D1. Heart Pieces (feat Idil Mese)
D2. Mercury
D3. Lanchi Biye (feat Tilahun Gessesse)



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