Pal Joey - Hear


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Condition : New
Format : LP
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A1        Brand
A2        Lets Go
A3        Breakin Necks (Papastomp Remix)
A4        Spend The Night (Fredo Revisited)
A5        We Show Off
A6        Dance (Beats Mix)
B1        Exotic (Deni Shain Touchup)
B2        Pulling A Cat Out Of A Hat
B3        Reach Up To Mars (808 Bonus Mix)
B4        Jump And Prance (Version Mix)
B5        Toi Et Moi
B6        Perfectionist

NYC dance music legend Joey Longo has been a part of the dance music soundscape for those in the know from way back when, his first records surfacing in 1989 under a variety of monikers and on a slew of labels out of NYC. Some (Cabaret, Loop d'Loop, Foot Stompin') were his own, others (Underworld, Maxi, Minimal) not, but the they always came bearing the credit 'produced by Pal Joey'. Joey hit the heights early on, as one of his earliest records, Dance (as Earth People), went big in dance music terms. If you were raving in the early '90s chances are you will be getting flashbacks from 'Dance', as it was played across a number of scenes. A deeper 'beats' mix features on this gem of an album, his first in over 10 years, along with a perfectly selected blend of classic cuts, new versions and remixes and unreleased wonders. Mastered to perfection, but keeping his raw New York style.

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