Proh Mic – Right On Time


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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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Star CreatureやTugboat Editions等からのリリースで知られるProh Micが2013年に7インチでリリースした人気曲が12インチで復活!しかもその7インチ衆力局2局ともインストやアカペラを使い収録した完全版!ダンサブルな80sブギーっぽいタイトル・チューン「Right On Time」がやはりオススメ!

A1. Right On Time (Original Remastered) 
A2. Right On Time (Instrumental) 
A3. Right On Time (Acapella) 
B1. I Like (Original Remastered) 
B2. I Like (Instrumental) 
B3. I Like (Acapella) 
B4. Make It Better (feat. Dahliam)


On the find list of many vinyl aficionados, this VITAMIN D produced funk jam, initially on the CHERRIES label is back after 13 years. Remastered with instrumental and acapella versions. On the B-side is another funk dity titled "I LIKE," alongside "MAKE IT BETTER" feat. DAHLIAM.

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