Sandée – Notice Me

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Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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A1. Notice The House Mix

B1. Club Vocal

B2. Dubbin At Studio 54


A much-needed reissue of an all-time house classic, from the early explosion of the genre on dancefloors the world over. From the minds behind C+C Music Factory, David Cole and Robert Clivillés, Sandee ‘Notice Me’ encapsulates the New York Freestyle era of the late ‘80s perfectly. Early house heat laced with a distinctly Latin American feel, that has been heavy sampled since it burst onto the scene in ‘88. It’s syncopated, seductive and seriously infectious, with a steamy bassline that couples with Sandee’s echoed vocals to send your brain into a state of rapture.

The 'Notice The House' mix is a shining example of that freestyle flavour, with the 'Club Vocal' leaning into a more synth pop meets electro, proto house feeling. Taking the final spot the stripped back dubbed out, b-boy beast ‘Dubbin' At Studio 54’.

A must have record that still lights up the dance to this day.

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