Space Ghost – Private Paradise

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Condition : New
Format : LP
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【人気盤再プレス!】Tarteletや Apron等からの作品も好評だったSpace Ghostがバンクーバーを拠点とするレーベルPacific Rhythmからアルバムを発表!アンビエントやダウン・テンポ、バレアリック、ディープ・ハウス等、アルバムを通して心地良さを追求したかのような質感と耳触りの良さ!ユッタリ聴きたいBGMにもオススメの1枚です!

A1. Virtual Age
A2. Inner Focus
A3. Save Point
A4. Sounds Of Peace
B1. Time Station
B2. Heal
B3. Private Paradise
B4. New Day


Pacific Rhythm is elated to present a grounding offering from Oakland's Space Ghost entitled Private Paradise as our first release of 2022. The LP is an ode to Space Ghost's time spent at Sea Ranch on the Northern California coast, a place he and his partner visit to refresh their spirit and regain optimism and enthusiasm for the outside world.

Private Paradise possesses a rare ability to restore, rejuvenate, and inspire through each listen and is something we've only grown more and more fond of during the unforeseen complications we encountered during its release over the past two years. It's a piece of music that feels like a perfect nod to where we've been musically for the past 8 years and where we see ourselves heading in the future. Deep, contemplative, and uplifting audio that compels its listeners to focus on the positive forces in the world and the power of being present in a moment.



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