Syntech – By Trial And Error

販売価格¥3,990 JPY
Condition : New
Format : LP
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This Dutch music project was created in the late 1980s by two graphic designers, Edwin Van Der Laag and Huib Shippers, who were in love with electronic music. Their debut album is divided into two parts, the first with Edwin’s music and the second with Huib’s. Obviously Van Der Laag’s songs are inspired by Laserdance, for which Van Der Laag also designed album covers, however Shippers’ part is slightly different, less aggressive, trance-inducing, which makes the whole album truly extraordinary. This is the first vinyl reissue of this album since its first appearance.


A1. Byt & E
A2. Reaction
A3. Soundly Computed
B1. Discontented
B2. We Won't Be Long



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