Tal Fussman – Definition


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Format : 12 inch
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Tal Fussman’s first EP for Rekids, ‘Definition’, kicks off with ‘Freedom Defines House’ - a contemporary reimagining of the classic NY house cut. Big, drummy and complete with a House-focused spoken vocal, the track channels classic Tenaglia and Vasquez sounds, just with added mix-down punch and flair.

On ’The Royal’, Survival Tactics label-boss Fussman runs with the expansive sound design and power percussion that feature across the whole ‘Definition’ EP but delves into Techno-influences with a soaring set of staccato strings and stabs. ‘Pace’ builds on ’The Royal’s Techno references but contrasts the captivating leads with a tunnelling, heads-down vibe created by rhythmic filtered hits. The closing track, ‘Even Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’, wraps up the Definition’ EP neatly with a light but driving tone punctuated with yet more anthemic string sections.

Having released on Laurent Garnier’s COD3QR, Innvervisions, Drumpoet, and Dyinamic, Tal Fussman has already established himself as an artist to watch, but this memorable love letter to Detroit and debut for Radio Slave’s evergreen Rekids label sees him take things to the next level.


A1. Freedom Defines House
A2. The Royal
B1. Pace
B2. Even Rome Wasn't Build In A Day



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