The Invitations – Look On The Good Side


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Condition : New
Format : 7 inch
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The Invitations have roots tracing back to the mid-60s and saw various lead singers take the mic until Lew Kirton joined in 1973. Kirton's vocals grace both 'Look On The Good Side' and 'They Say The Girl's Crazy' from 1974 which are now reissued for the first time. Originally released on Silver Blue Records, a label founded by songwriter and producer Joel Diamond, these tracks were arranged and co-produced by Bobby Martin in Philadelphia and boast the unmistakable Philly Sound. Kirton later departed for a successful solo career, notably remembered for hits like 'Heaven In The Afternoon' but this reissue brings forth a timeless slice of soul history.


A. Look On The Good Side
B. They Say The Girl's Crazy


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