Ursula 1000 – Movin' 2 The Sound

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Format : 12 inch
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New York producer Ursula 1000 pulls out his dusty smiley face shirt from the closet and goes full-on 303 acid house squelch and pumping & jacking 808 grooves for this new single. Movin' 2 The Sound has everything you want: bleeps, throbbing sequencers and pumping hip-house action! Ursula's unmistakable signature exotic dreaminess hovers above it all taking you on this trip. Enjoy this trip. And it is a trip!
On the remixing duties we have...Berlin's Acid Jerks. The mysterious project is comprised of 2 well-known producers going incognito, having released some killer retro house jams on the classic Nu Groove, Refuge and Flaneur. They take the remix reins and level up the acid house business for peak time bliss!
Familiar collaborators in the Ursulaverse, the ever-so-funky Fort Knox 5 focus in on the electro vibes and cue up the b-boy action!
The icing on the cake is the amazing Red Laser Records duo Il Bosco & Metrodome aka DJ Absolutely Shit who crank up the bass, bleeps and breaks to 11 for rave-ready, time stretching, day-glo dancefloor destruction!


A1. Movin' 2 The Sound
A2. Movin' 2 The Sound (Acid Jerks Refix)
B1. Movin' 2 The Sound (Fort Knox 5 remix)
B2. Movin' 2 The Sound (DJ Absolutely Shit remix)



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