Various Artists – Africanism Vol. 1

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Format : 2LP
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Things were different back in 2001 and the dance music world was less attuned to the responsibilities it has towards the marginalised communities that birthed the genre back in the 80s. For that reason, it's unlikely any new compilation featuring music by mostly white artists would be called Africanism Allstars these days, but alas that was the case with this collection when it was originally released. Title aside, the music stands up with a chunky house sound and plenty of tribal grooves featuring big names like DJ Gregory, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclair and Soga amongst others.


A1. DJ Gregory– Block Party
A2. Lego – Trompeta Alegre
A3. Bob Sinclar– Do it!
B1. Liquid People– Love is the answer
B2. Bob Sinclar– Kazet
C1. Bob Sinclar– Bisous Sucré
C2. Soha– Les enfants du bled
C3. Matt'Samo– Peplum Africa
D1. Martin Solveig– Edony
D2. DJ Gregory– Tourment d'amour

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