Various Artists - Solstice III

Multi CultiSKU: MC068

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Condition : New
Format : LP, Mini-Album
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A1 Mytron– Shisha House
A2 Abrão & Ayala – Magia
A3 Jamie Paton– Sub Ritual
A4 Xanga & Zebulon – Coca Leaf
B1 Kunturi– Eclosion
B2 Future Island– Wide Music II
B3 Aiku– Fried Acid
B4 Balam – Caravana

Multi Culti return with an expansive 8-track mini-LP showcase timed for summer solstice celebrations.

The a-side kicks off with the musically-gifted Mytron’s genre-defining title ‘Shisha House’, Italian Ayala teams up with Abrao on ‘Magia,’ Jamie Paton slices up the low-slung, serpentine ‘Sub Ritual,’ and Xanga & Zebulon deliver a literal love letter to the ‘Coca Leaf’.

B-side action begins with Ecuadorian newcomer Kunturi, whose ‘Eclosión’ portends a new wave of Nicola Cruz inspired, folkloric techno, Italian duo Future Island (Oltrefuturo teamed up with treasure island) rock an impressive slow-mo trance dub on ‘Wide Music II,’ Aiku debut out of Germany’s Harz mountains with ‘Fried Acid,’ while Argentine wizard Balam finishes the journey off with the incense and sitar laden ‘Caravana.’

While they may dabble in orientalist tropes, these are not mere Tulum-chasers out for shamanic DJ duty. This is avant-garde folk-Tronica that tows the limbo line and once again asserts cult supremacy in the great Psychonautical odyssey.



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