Zodiac / The Jak – Thanksgvin Beat / Itz In Ur Head

販売価格¥3,290 JPY
Condition : New
Format : 12 inch
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"DirtybLends 13 comes from these 2 misfits that split the 4th edition on the label which is Zodiac and The Jak..Zodiac kicks off the a-side with a Thanksgivin beat...food is served and your stone cold munching.
Fuk Christopher Columbo and the pilgrims. It's all about eating p@#$$.
Stuff your gullet with this heat and be thankful..
The flip side of this disc come from the leader of the the klan as “Itz In Ur Mind” is created strictly for Ron Hardy as this is the 3rd conceptual idea to follow “Hardy’s Haunted Box” from the 2nd edition of dirtybLends."


A. Zodiac – Thanksgvin Beat
B. The Jak – Itz In Ur Head


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